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Celebrating a Blue Valentine!

On Valentine’s Day, together with wishing you a wonderful day, we would like to celebrate our love for blue.

Ilove U

We have a whole lot of blue in the gallery to share with you…


And a white umbrella against a blue sky like the sky today in Vancouver

White Umbrella

Blue, Bra And Panty

How brilliant is that? Blue, bra, and panty… And we even use blue in our mats, like in the case of the Mediterranean series:

Mediterranean Series
Mediterranean Series

The Blue Kid

Blue Kid


We love blue the same way Steve loves Laurie

Steve Loves Laurie

And the Man in the Moon? And the Robot with a Heart?

Man In The Moon

Robot With Heart

Blue surrounds us…

Heavenly Waterfalls



It’s in our weather patterns, when we get blue skies

Weather Patterns, 2012 2014, Blue Skies
Weather Patterns, 2012 2014, Blue Skies

That’s it for now! Time to go and enjoy the long weekend. A triple celebration, Valentine’s day, Family Day for BC, and for Vancouver the first day with blue skies in a long long time!