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Lemony Snicket 3

Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events

For over a year now we have been itching to show off the work we did on this amazing project! Finally seeing all our work up on those amazing snake wallpapered walls made it worth the time and effort. It was incredibly fun, producing new art that would be filmed on such a wonderful show. We learned a lot through the process, in the end we produced 40 pieces of work for this production (plus other artworks for other sets). In our process we started with a base image of a lizard, snake, turtle, etc and then used digital and traditional means to get the image to its final stages. Then from there each canvas was glued to a board backing and cut to fit the frames we were given to use by the production. I’ve included detail shots, screen shots, and before and afters! We are always available for custom jobs, especially if they are as fun as this was!