AION Art Gallery and Rental for Film was founded across the Mount Pleasant Clock at 2315 Main Street, Vancouver, Canada in 2003.


2315 Main Street, Vancouver

The Grand Opening was in June 2003 with an exhibition of Brigitte Potter-Mael and Stefani Peter.

 635 6th Avenue West, Vancouver

We moved to this location in February 2007 and stayed at this location until September 2008.

637 East 15th Avenue, Vancouver

We moved again into this retail space between Kingsway and Fraser. It was a wonderfully small street with wonderful neighbors.

3879 2nd Avenue, Burnaby

After a five week renovation we moved to our new space, July 17th 2015. This will be our home for the next ten years, since we are so close to the studios. The shelves are filling up pretty quick though...