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Aion provides the largest selection of cleared artwork available to the Vancouver film industry and film projects around the world. With thousands of specially licensed art pieces covering all styles and subjects and ready to go, Aion’s library is a one-stop-shop for discerning film professionals.

Aion’s Advantages

Artwork Selection Thousands of Choices

Aion’s library of artwork licensed for film industry use spans over 4,000 pieces. It provides the largest variety of cleared artwork available for rent and ready to go in the Vancouver film industry (and most likely elsewhere). You will find exactly the right piece to express your vision here.

Cleared artwork customizations Customizations

All of Aion’s art pieces can be customized to suit the needs of your film project. Aion can provide sizing, colour adjustment, embellishing, framing, glass, lamination, matting, and custom artwork.

Speed of service Responsive, Quick, Organized

The film industry requires professionals and systems that can respond and adapt at the speed of light. Aion prides itself on being a part of the puzzle that reduces cost, time, and stress.

Experts in the Film Industry Film Industry Expertise

Film is an utterly unique industry. By choosing to serve this industry exclusively, Aion has developed rare capabilities for partnering effectively with film industry professionals like set designers and art directors.

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