Aion’s Story

A film industry partner since 2003

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In 2003, the first Aion Cleared Art for Film location opened on Main Street, Vancouver, BC. Staffed by film industry workers and professional artists, Aion quickly defined itself as an indispensable partner to the local film industry. Its founders, the Greig family, set out to deliver a unique solution: an industry-leading collection of specially licensed artwork available for rent to film projects.

In the 15+ years Aion has served the film industry, the company has earned a reputation for:

Partnering with Top Film Professionals

Aion’s list of credits includes the industry’s top production companies, designers, and decorators, for hundreds of projects in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Montreal, and Toronto.

Meeting Film Industry Needs Precisely

Staffed by film industry professionals and artists who understand film intimately, Aion is capable of delivering solutions with the speed and feel for details that characterizes the industry.

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